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Last Updated: 1/7/2014 8:48 AM

Hot Lips Real Root Soda “Ginger Ale” is a blend of sparkling water, organic ginger root from Hawaii, and pure cane sugar. From the flavor perspective, it's pretty difficult to come up with something new when it comes to making a ginger ale. In the case of this product, it's not uniqueness of flavor, but rather quality that's the difference maker. The ginger taste is very fresh and clean, with a light earthy heat that’s only slightly spicy. From there, Hot Lips sweetened the product with cane sugar (36g) so this is somewhat of an indulgent product. Nevertheless, for what it is, the product is extremely enjoyable and one of the better tasting ginger ales that we've sampled lately. On the outside, the product uses the same dark amber 12 oz. glass bottle that you'll find used with the company's other flavors. It's kitschy, but artisanal-looking, which definitely makes it stand out from what you typically see in the soda aisle. And compared with Hot Lips' original efforts, this one feels polished and a bit more mature. Overall, a very enjoyable product from Hot Lips, even if it’s only ginger ale.


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