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Last Updated: 2/1/2010 11:57 AM

While we can’t recall sampling more than a few pear flavored sodas over the years, we’re pretty sure that we’ll remember this one. By using actual pear juice in the mix (the amount is not disclosed), they’ve achieved a very accurate and natural tasting pear flavor. They’ve combined it with very lightly carbonated water, lemon juice, vanilla, and cane sugar, resulting in something that’s sweet and fruity. Aside from the product needing more carbonation, we wouldn’t change a thing. It’s clean and smooth, which is a testament to the high quality ingredients used in the mix. On the outside, the Hot Lips brand is certainly not you run of the mill premium CSD. That could certainly help this brand be memorable to consumers (especially those who frequent their Oregon-based pizza restaurants). However, it’s not as visually appealing as some of other flavors (such as Raspberry) that use fruit imagery that contains colors that better match the Hot Lips logo. Regardless, we like its offbeat and fun attitude, which is a nice change of pace from the more serious looking entries that crowd the premium CSD category. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable product that’s well executed, but we’d probably pick one of the other Hot Lips flavors over this one.


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12 oz Glass

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