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Last Updated: 1/7/2010 9:36 AM

Hype’s Organic Energy is a USDA certified organic energy drink packaged in a green, silver, and pink 8 oz. can. The product is a straight translation of Hype’s original flavor, which is very much your “standard” energy drink flavor. Aside from that organic certification, there’s otherwise no benefit or point of difference for what’s inside the can. While that sort of approach is working quite well with food products, it has yet to happen in the energy drink category. Packaging is decent, but feels conflicted, with the big and bold “Hype” logo not meshing well with the “organic” background. It looks like it might appeal visually to a health and natural consumer, but we unfortunately wouldn’t say the same about what’s inside the can. The simple reason for that is that the energy drink category has several other competitors offering organic formulations with both better flavor and cooler looking packaging. So for Hype, we think they’ll need to do more if they wish to have an organic energy drink that’s very successful.


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250 mL can

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