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Last Updated: 9/8/2009 12:14 PM

iChill is one of the newer entries into the relaxation shot category and it comes in a standard 2 oz. shot package that’s fully wrapped. It has a technical looking design and name, which will probably help consumers believe that this is a product that’s focused on performance. Inside the bottle, iChill uses a stevia sweetened mixture that has a medicinal “berry” flavor and an herbal note to the finish. It’s drinkable, but a bit rough. The relaxation formulation utilizes B vitamins, valerian root (10mg), rose hips, and melatonin, which are similar ingredients (although different quantities) to what we’re seeing in other relaxation products. Same can be said for the packaging, which is only able to differentiate itself with what goes on the label. That’s probably okay for now while the category is still in its infancy, but it’s something that they’ll likely need to revisit at some point down the road. As for the label, it’s simple and easy to understand, with a name that goes hand in hand with relaxation. Otherwise, the front label is minimalist in nature, with simple accent graphics on top of a dark blue background. While it’s not the type of package that’s going to win any design awards, it gets the job done and delivers the message in a succinct way. Overall, a good entry that has a credible vibe from both its flavor and packaging.


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2 oz shot

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