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Last Updated: 7/15/2009 4:17 PM

Peppermint Water certainly isn’t a new concept, nor one that everyone likes, but ICIO’s effort is a pretty decent one, with a pretty hefty amount of mint flavor to the mix. It’s made exclusively with water and peppermint extract, relying on no preservatives or added flavorings, which should certainly satisfy the label reading consumer. Still, compared to other mint flavored water products that are out there, it’s got just a bit too much flavor for our liking. Packaging is one of the more unique aspects to this product, using a flask shaped bottle that’s similar in size and shape to some of the other flask entries that we’ve seen hit the market. There’s a large letter “I” on the front panel, which has been dotted with a water droplet and below that is the ICIO logo. It’s not an overly intuitive look – we honestly weren’t sure what the product was called when we first looked at it. In addition, the placement of the flavor name is hard to spot. Lastly, our samples were rather banged up in transit, which is a flaw from the bottles leaning flush against one another without cardboard inserts. Overall, a decent product that needs some label help despite being eye candy at first glance.


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Water: Still


12 fl oz

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Calories 0, Fat 0g, Sodium 0g, Carbohydrate 0g, Protein 0g


Purified Water, Natural Peppermint Extract

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