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iCON Energy Drink is a sugar-sweetened (there’s also a Sugar Free variety)energy drink that comes packaged in a 250 mL (8.4 oz.) can. It has a citrus berry flavor and is enhanced with taurine, B vitamins, caffeine, and amino acids. Sound familiar? Familiar -- to the point of this being just like the hundreds of other energy drinks that have attempted and failed to enter this category -- is pretty much how we’d sum this one up. It basically offers the same functional benefits as the big players, but without the branding of the big players, which, in turn, likely leaves this product relegated to the dangerous strategy of competing on price against massive companies that have economies of scale (memo to small beverage companies: this never works). Unfortunately, the branding of iCON only makes matters worse, with a dated look and a list of cliche energy drink benefits (we’d love to see how they prove that it “improves reaction speed”). If this product wishes to succeed, it must, like every other energy drink startup, try to create its own identity and offer something unique and that isn’t currently being offered in the category. That’s obviously not an easy task in the energy drink category, but we’re sure that the current strategy, which pairs “classic” energy drink flavor and a brand that looks so similar to what’s already been on the market, isn’t a path that leads to success.


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