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Last Updated: 2/9/2009 7:54 AM

This drink, which is named after a coffee beverage that blends espresso with steamed milk (as opposed to the reverse, which is a caffe latte), is probably the most authentic tasting espresso drink that we've ever sampled from a can. Using a formulation that relies mainly on coffee, milk, and sugar, this beverage maintains a very fresh flavor that has almost perfect balance between the three main flavors. Packaging looks elegant and attractive, making good use of the only well known brand name that might possibly upstage the Starbucks franchise. The 250 ml can is probably a good choice for this product, steering clear of the glass bottles and 16 ounce cans that are the mainstay of the competition. The only thing that we might possibly change is the silver backdrop, which makes the can somewhat hard to read from a distance. Otherwise, this is a superbly executed drink that's practically perfect.


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