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Immune Shot

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Last Updated: 12/18/2009 12:12 PM

There have been a few immunity-type shots that have hit the market recently, but Weider’s Immune Shot is definitely one of the best. From a flavor point of view, they’ve created a tropical fruit flavor that’s extremely smooth, non-medicinal, even enjoyable to drink. This is certainly due in part to the drink’s use of sugar instead of artificial sweeteners. As a result, each 2 oz. shot has 25 calories and 5 g of sugar, neither of which are likely to break anyone’s diet. On the branding front, the product is clean and inviting, with a relatively easy-to-understand pitch. Promoting the all-natural aspect seems like a smart move, as does having the word “immune” in the name. Functionally, the product relies on a proprietary immunity blend known as the “ImmuniPlex-Immune Blend," which consists of ResistAid (an all natural functional product made from the wood and bark of Larch trees) and inulin (from chicory root), and more traditional ingredients in Vitamin C and zinc. Obviously, it’s rather impossible to judge the efficacy of a product whose functionality is making sure that nothing happens to you. However, when we consider the product’s flavor and its inviting branding, we think they’ve got something. Overall, a well-executed and enjoyable product.


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