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Last Updated: 11/22/2010 12:12 PM

The second flavor of Inko's White Tea's kids line is "Poppin Punch." Like its berry-flavored counterpart, Poppin Punch is a very lightly flavored and sweetened white tea beverage. In this case, the flavor is, as the name suggests, fruit punch. They've nicely executed the drink's delicately balanced flavor, with the fruit flavor, the white tea, and the touch of sugar all added in just the right amount. And at 25 calories per serving (under 40 per bottle), it is extremely easy to drink without weighing you down. As far as packaging goes, this product line looks very different than the flagship Inko's glass teas. The colorful fully wrapped 12 oz. PET bottle is attractive and whets the appetite. We like the addition of fruit images, although we think it would be more effective if they were closer to the Inko's logo (you have to turn the bottle to see them). Nit picking aside, we think that Inko's has done a great job with this product — it's very enjoyable from both a taste and visual perspective.


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12 oz PET

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