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Last Updated: 2/1/2010 12:09 PM

Designed to be ISO-5’s equivalent to the classic “lemon lime” sports drink, Limon is a 60 calorie (per 11.2 oz..) USDA Organic certified hydration beverage that’s made with young coconut water and “lemon lime fruit concentrate.” It’s noticeably less sweet than traditional sports drinks as well as coconut water products, but the coconut water is difficult to detect. Perhaps that’s the result of their “CryoFlux” concentrated coconut water, which is designed to maintain the bio-activity of the nutrients that naturally occur in coconut water. In any event, the flavor of this drink is much less exotic or unique than we would have expected it to be. Functionally, it’s definitely hydrating and it has more electrolytes than straight up coconut water. Packaging is definitely an area that we feel could be improved upon, but in the product’s off putting name “ISO-5” and in its visual execution. Specifically, the product looks like something that’s purely for the supplement aisle, which, based on what’s actually inside the bottle, seems like a limiting approach as there’s no reason why this couldn’t compete for the mainstream. What’s even more of an issue is the execution of the graphics, which feel lifeless and unappealing. We’d love to see more emphasis on the Dr. Tim’s and a pairing down of the items that are currently stacked on the front of the label. There are simply too many things that compete for the eye – and the flavor name is buried at the bottom. In summary, we think that this product could have a chance as the concept is innovative, but the execution of the flavor and, more importantly, the brand need work.


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