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Last Updated: 12/22/2010 11:37 AM

The Acai Cola from Isola is a protein cola powered by Designer Whey protein isolate. This carbonated soft drink contains 10g of protein as well as 10g of sugar provided by a cane sugar/stevia mix. The acai and kola nut flavor is pleasant however it gets muted by the presence of the protein, which adds a bitter note. The other effect that this bitter note has is that it reduces the differentiation between this variety and Isola’s other offering, "Cola" (the differences are negligible at best). Isola is caffeinated naturally through the addition of coffee bean extract — but there is no coffee taste in the drink. The product is packaged in a slim 12 oz. can with a lackluster looking label. Isola looks positioned to be sold primarily at gyms and nutrition stores, not so much traditional grocery, which may be its best benefit since this product is certainly not for the everyday cola consumer. Overall, some refinement would definitely help this product regardless of the channel that it's going after.


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