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Last Updated: 4/27/2011 11:29 AM

Made with 25 percent juice and featuring bright red liquid, one might expect a full bodied product to be inside this bottle. However, that’s not the case with Izze Esque Watermelon. It has a watered-down taste with almost no distinguishable fruit flavor. The juice content, which is derived from apple, black currant, and watermelon (there’s also natural flavoring), tastes like candy -- but without the sugar. Paired with the product’s high level of carbonation, this product is less than pleasing to consume. On the outside, the product comes in a standard 12 oz. soda bottle. The front panel is cluttered with text, all the way down to the four-word name of the product (“Low Calorie Sparkling Watermelon”). The logo, which is a shade of red, blends in with the color of the liquid, which also hurts the visual appearance. Overall, Watermelon could be a nice addition to the Izze Esque lineup, but unfortunately, they failed to execute something that’s enjoyable to consume.


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Carbonated Soft Drink: Diet


12 oz Glass

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