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Last Updated: 8/12/2011 4:27 PM

The Tropical Mango flavor of Jamba’s Coconut Water Fruit Juice Beverages is, despite the clumsy name, the cleanest tasting flavor of the bunch. It’s made with a base of O.N.E.’s coconut water, while added fruit juice, flavorings, and a variety of other ingredients make up the rest of the formulation. The fruit flavor comes from a variety of fruit juices and purees (totaling 84 percent juice), including banana, apple, mango, pear, lime, and orange. The orange and apple hit your tongue first, followed by a heavy amount of the mango. The coconut water is in there, but it takes a back seat, resulting in something that tastes more like one of Jamba’s smoothies than a coconut water. Our biggest gripe with the formulation is the thickness and gumminess of the body (there’s added xanthan gum and pectin), which makes it feel heavy. That’s quite a contrast to other coconut water enhanced beverages that are out there today. Functionally, they’ve added a host of antioxidants, which are derived from green tea leaf, grape seed, pomegranate extract, and acai extract. It’s fine that they’ve added these, but we don’t see these as having a ton of influence on the purchasing decision. For packaging, the product uses a 16.9 oz. screw top Tetra Pak, a proven package when it comes to coconut water. The Jamba brand is definitely going to have some pull, but we think that O.N.E. got the short end of the stick (they are only mentioned in text, once on the front and once in the fine print on the side). Overall, the best of the three, but we feel as though the drink’s formulation feels more complicated than it should be.


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