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Last Updated: 8/9/2010 11:04 AM

The Jelly Belly Gourmet Soda brand is, if our memory serves us correctly, the first CSD brand to feature two cherry flavored varieties. In this case, we’re siding with Sour Cherry, not because it’s better than Very Cherry, but because it’s more original tasting than the classic cherry soda flavor of its counterpart. And, it actually tastes like a flavor that you’d expect to find in a jellybean. It’s sweet, sour, and full of cherry flavor, which a bright red color that leaves some nice stain in your mouth. Using “100% cane sugar” is fine, giving the product a less viscous body and a cleaner finish than HFCS might. On the other hand, calling attention to it on the front of the bottle seems a bit much, at least in the manner that they’ve done it (there’s a large red circle). Packaging is clean and visually appealing, with large cherries and prime placement of the Jelly Belly logo. If it’s candy aficionados that they are after, then we think they’ve put this together nicely. However, we don’t think that the Jelly Belly brand is exactly the right thing for the mainstream (which is trending towards health and wellness) at the present. Overall, it’s a nice tasting product and the better of their two cherry flavors (we’d cut the other – cherry isn’t a popular enough flavor and it’s confusing), but it’s hard to see this product doing anything more than taking shelf space from other small CSD companies.


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Carbonated Soft Drink: Regular


12 oz Glass

Nutritional Info

Serv. Size 8 fl oz (240 ml), Servings 1.5, Calories -120, Total Fat-0g, 0%, Sodium-30mg, 1%, Total Carb. 28g, 10%, Sugars 28g, Protein 0g


Filtered carbonated water, Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Citrate, Natural Flavors and FD&C Red #40

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