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Last Updated: 8/20/2013 10:35 AM

Marketed as “deliciously powerful,” Jin+Ja is a non-carbonated beverage that is made with fresh ginger and cayenne. Other ingredients in the beverage include water, sugar, lemon juice, green tea and mint tea. The product currently comes in both a 6.3 oz. and 750ml glass bottle. Taking a look at the single serve format, a 6.3 oz. portion is definitely sufficient; it's a sipping kind of product. The heat hits you on both the front end and the back end, with the initial spice coming in the form of a gingery note. From there, we get a hint of the sugar and the lemon, before a final hit of cayenne hits the tongue. But unlike the heat from the ginger, the heat of the cayenne lingers and, as you drink more, starts to overwhelm the palate. Nevertheless, we find this product enjoyable and complex, albeit to the extent that we’d probably only consume this product occasionally. That, combined with having only a single flavor, seems to be the biggest issue for Jin+Ja. Otherwise, we like the visual aspect of what the company has created. The design is simple, but has a premium vibe to it. It definitely feels like a product that could work both on- and off-premise. However, additional flavors (perhaps something a little less spicy) seem like the obvious next step for this product. Overall, a very nice start for Jin+Ja.


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