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Last Updated: 10/4/2012 11:32 AM

Joltin’ Joe Sparkling Espresso is a Joe DiMaggio-themed, coffee-based energy drink. Inside this can, they’ve created some nice flavor, with the product tasting first and foremost like a coffee drink. It’s not overly sweet (it uses brown sugar, honey, and sucralose) in comparison to some of the other coffee flavored energy drinks that we’ve sampled. It also has no dairy, so what they’ve created is definitely an original effort. Plus, the execution is solid, with the classic flavor of coffee soda shining through even with the addition of sucralose and added caffeine. Functionally, the “energy” in this drink is exclusively caffeine, both from the coffee and added natural caffeine. The lack of other energy drink ingredients is a positive, not a negative, keeping the function very much in line with that of regular coffee. Visually, the use of Joe DiMaggio as part of the brand is an interesting approach. DiMaggio is the third athlete to be used by AriZona (and the only one who is deceased) and, like the Jack Nicklaus drinks that they’ve created, this is a drink that utilizes the athlete’s nickname to tie into the product’s choice of flavor. From a design perspective, it has a classic look, very much in line with the classic style of the coffee soda. However, it’s hard to say what sort of recognition Joe DiMaggio has with the target demographic. Regardless, what they’ve created is clean and easy to understand, with a nice “retro” meets modern vibe to it. Overall, it’s hard to say what the Joe DiMaggio brand does for this product, but it’s an enjoyable one nonetheless.


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