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Last Updated: 1/21/2009 8:15 AM

For a beverage that has only 10 calories per 16.9 fl oz bottle, the Lemon variety of Joint Juice Fitness water is surprisingly full flavored. There's a fairly pleasant lemon flavor, which is sweetened with ace-k and sucralose before finishing up with a slightly tangy finish. On the functional side of things, the beverage uses glucosamine, an amino sugar that aids joint health (hence the name), electrolytes and vitamins. Packaging is a proprietary wide mouth bottle that has a sporty feeling to it. The name "Joint Juice" adds a bit of personality to the product as well as an easily understandable communication of the product's functional purpose. Overall, a very enjoyable tasting product that packs unique functionality into a well designed bottle. Our favorite flavor of the lineup.


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16.9 oz PET

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