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Last Updated: 10/16/2009 10:09 AM

Black Cherry was our favorite flavor of the initial Jojo lineup. Featuring a pleasant tasting black cherry flavor, it offers a familiar flavor that’s satisfying to the palate. Both the flavor and functionality are delivered via a cap dispensing technology, which requires the consumer to twist and shake prior to consuming the product through the built in straw (or by removing the cap entirely). It’s easy to figure out, especially with the instructions on the back panel, but in our tests, the first sip of the product had noticeably more flavor as the remains of the flavor mix seem to get stuck in the straw. And, as cited in the other reviews, we were rather disappointed to see no explanation of the benefits of the cap (like preventing the vitamins and nutrients from deteriorating in water as other brands state). Still, the product is fortified with rhodiola rosea, green tea extract (souce of natural caffeine), huperzine A, L-amino acids, and cognizin (from Kyowa, for focus and memory). While the “focus” function of the drink is too hard to test the efficacy of, we did feel a bit of a caffeine kick from the product. That, even by itself, should help consumers feel like they are getting their money’s worth. However, we’d like to see the packaging push the energy function a bit more. Plus, we’re not fans of introducing a cartoon character in the mix, especially in the case where there’s no equity in the character outside of the beverage. Overall, a nice concept with good execution in packaging and flavor, but we’re not fans of the branding just yet.


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