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Last Updated: 10/16/2009 10:08 AM

Jojo Energy’s Mojito formulation is a pleasant tasting mix, although it doesn’t really taste like a mojito. Instead, it tastes more like lime flavored tea, with a light note of the functional ingredients and artificial sweeteners hitting your tongue at the end. That being said, changing the name might not be a bad thing, especially since “Mojito” isn’t synonymous with functionality. As far as functional beverages go, it’s pretty good, finding a nice balance of flavors and keeping aftertaste to a reasonable level. Like the other flavors, this one is fortified with rhodiola rosea, green tea extract (souce of natural caffeine), huperzine A, L-amino acids, and cognizin (for focus and memory). While the drink might function as intended, the positioning of this product seems a bit unclear, with multiple functions calling out at you without any of them seeming overly credible. The main reason for saying this is the drink’s cartoon like theme and the lack of explanation of the functional claims. As a result, we’re forced to focus on the cap, which serves as both a dispenser for the drink’s functional cocktail and color as well as the straw through which the drink is consumed. While it’s a nice use of cap technology, it’s presented more as a novelty than an aid to the drink’s functionality. Overall, this is a nice tasting drink, but with the current branding, the product runs the risk of being viewed as a novelty drink that’s all about the cap.


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