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Last Updated: 10/16/2009 10:06 AM

Jojo’s Orange Sickle was one of our favorites. The non-carbonated formulation is mixed together via a cap dispenser, dropping the flavoring, sweetener, functional ingredients, and coloring into the liquid. After shaking and removing the top of the cap, you’ve got access to a pleasant tasting ace-k and sucralose sweetened drink that has been given a hefty dose of pleasing orange creamsicle flavor. There’s no mistaking this for anything other than an artificially sweetened functional drink, with both the functional ingredients and sweeteners hitting your palate at various times, but not to the point of steering us away from the product. From a functional point of view, the product is trying to improve energy, speed, endurance, and focus. We’re okay with energy, endurance, and focus, but speed is a function that’s vague and ultimately undermines the credibility of the drink. Furthermore, we’re not fans of the cartoon “Jojo” character, which we highly doubt will help drive sales of this product and takes the emphasis off of what’s inside the bottle. And finally, there’s the cap, which is one of the easier to use cap dispensers that we’ve seen to date. However, they don’t explain why they’ve chosen to use this approach, which increases the risk that the drink will be viewed as a novelty product. Overall, the a nice tasting product that’s enjoyable to drink and has some kick to it, but the product still needs some tweaking, especially on the exterior.


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