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Last Updated: 10/16/2009 10:07 AM

JoJo Energy’s “Super Berry” was the first flavor that we sampled. Like the rest of the brand, this flavor uses a unique cap-dispensing technology that requires the drinker to first twist the cap, shake the drink, and then finally remove the cap to consume the product through the straw that lies within the cap. This mixes the flavor, functional ingredients, and color into the drink. From a flavor point of view, it’s enjoyable, with only 4 calories per bottle thanks to the use of acesulfame postassium and sucralose as the drink’s sweeteners. The berry flavor is decent, although on the first sip of the product we got some leftover flavor concentrate that was left on the straw after opening and shaking vigorously. Beyond that, the product has a mild aftertaste from the functional ingredients and sweeteners. Functionally, this product includes rhodiola rosea, green tea extract (souce of natural caffeine), huperzine A, L-amino acids, and something called "cognizin" (for focus and memory). All of this ties back to the drinks functional purposes of “endurance, speed, focus, and energy.” While we can’t vouch for the first three, we definitely felt the caffeine that’s contained in the drink, despite its caffeine content not being disclosed on the bottle. From a packaging point of view, the cap is unique, but feels somewhat like a gimmick both because they’ve failed to explain why they’re using this cap and because of the cartoon character on the front of the bottle.


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