JUGULAR Energy Drink

by JUGULAR, Inc.

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JUGULAR Energy Drink

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

This totally unique energy drink is powered by ADX7, a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs, vitamins and aminos with no stimulants. The new JUGULAR Energy Drink delivers real natural energy with only 9 grams of sugar and 44 calories. ADX7 will allow young people to "Go for the JUGULAR!" while quenching their thirst for a healthy energy drink. The JUGULAR Energy Drink will help athletes all over the world achieve their goals WITHOUT CAFFEINE, LOADS OF SUGAR AND EXCESS CALORIES. JUGULAR was founded to provide athletes all over the world with durable (sometimes indestructable!), visually exciting products that reflect the way we compete -- without resorting to over-used terms such as "extreme sports." Compared to JUGULAR, "extreme" is like mild salsa. Take-in our award-winning graphics & videos... check out the numerous pages on our site and drop us an e-mail anytime...

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