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Last Updated: 1/26/2014 4:07 PM

Juiceology is a four-SKU line of juice-based beverages that are fortified with whole grain extracts, including oats, barley and brown rice. In the case of this flavor, Concord Grape, the formulation begins with 52 percent juice, which consists of white grape juice and Concord grape juice from concentrate. From there, the company adds water, the whole grain extracts (3g of fiber), vitamin C, flavors, natural colors and stevia. The resulting product has 98 calories and 20g of sugar per 8 oz. serving (1.9 servings per bottle). In terms of taste, this one was our favorite of the bunch, simply because the grape flavor is clean and accurate (we can’t say that about all of the other flavors). You can’t taste the stevia in the beverage, which is a good thing, while the grain extracts don’t get in the way either. As it stands, the product drinks very much like a typical bottled juice drink. However, for something that is called Juiceology and is promoting whole grains, we wish there was something a bit more unique about what’s inside the bottle. On the branding and packaging front, we like the name Juiceology, but we’re not sure that it’s a fit for this product (it would be great for a cold-pressed juice line) as it doesn’t incorporate the whole grains, only the extracts. That said, the consumer is likely to evaluate this product simply as being another superfruit juice, which is definitely not a good thing. Lastly, we’re not that fond of the visuals -- they feel a bit too sterile. Overall, the concept of incorporating whole grains into juice seems like a good one, but this product’s flavor and design could definitely be refined to help promote this benefit better.


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