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Last Updated: 6/18/2010 10:31 AM

Utilizing a blend of 70 percent juice, Juicy Juice’s Sparkling Berry is a pleasant tasting product that is slightly less sweet than some of the other carbonated juice products that we’ve sampled. And clocking in at 90 calories per 8.4 oz. can, it’s lighter in the nutritional department as well. From a taste perspective, this product is very drinkable and parent friendly, with a flavor that’s big on fruit flavor but isn’t sickly sweet (it tastes slightly watered down). There’s a heavy dose of apple flavor to the mix, which, at least compared to competing products that use white grape juice, is preferred. The “berry” flavor is very much a raspberry and grape flavor, which is no surprise given that both of those juices are included in the product. Otherwise, there’s some added flavoring with helps increase the tartness a bit. Packaging definitely seems to have the consumer and parent in mind, with a background and color scheme that look like your typical kids' product. Using the familiar Juicy Juice logo is a plus, especially since this has brand equity as a high quality and consistently wholesome product. Slapping the Nestle logo on top seems somewhat gratuitous, although it might help further this brand as being a “premium” product that can be trusted. Overall, despite not being 100 percent juice, this product definitely has what it takes to be a leading player in the carbonated juice space.


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