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Last Updated: 7/17/2009 3:48 PM

The Cucumber variety of Sparkling Essence tastes like a blend of lemon and cucumber flavors. It’s a relatively refreshing blend, but ultimately, you either like cucumber as a beverage flavoring or you don’t. If you do, this product, which is carbonated, unsweetened, and flavored with cucumber extract, is one of the more unique cucumber drinks that we’ve had. It’s also an innovative approach to creating a carbonated beverage, especially since the look and feel of the product is skewed towards the CSD end of the spectrum instead of bottled water. The can is a slim 12 oz. that’s clean looking and appealing, with a cucumber slice placed front and center. The USDA Organic logo is placed in a prime spot as well. Both of these make for an intuitive design that feels sophisticated and premium. However, we’re just not sure how far a cucumber flavored sparkling beverage can go – it seems like somewhat of a niche concept to us. Overall, we like the design and like the flavor, but we think that some of the other flavors in this line have a better chance of success based on their use of more broadly appealing flavors.


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Product Type

Carbonated Soft Drink: Regular


10.5 fl. oz.

Nutritional Info

0 Calories 0 Carbs 0 Fat 0 Sugar


INGREDIENTS: Carbonated spring water, organic brewed lemon extract, organic natural cucumber extract, organic lemon juice concentrate, citric acid.

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