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Last Updated: 7/2/2010 9:24 AM

Of all of Kombucha Wonder Drink flavors, the Green Tea & Lemon variety is definitely the most marketable of the bunch. The simple reason is that the pairing of green tea, kombucha, lemon, and sugar makes for a flavor that’s a not-so-distant cousin of the classic mixture of black tea and lemon. The addition of fermented flavor and carbonation give the product a sophisticated feeling that’s definitely a nice change of pace compared to still tea. The fermented flavor is actually rather mild, at least in comparison to raw or home-brewed kombucha products. And of course, there’s the health aspect, which is ultimately why kombucha products have become so popular. Since this product is shelf stable, it’s pasteurized, which means that it lacks the live probiotic content found in raw kombucha products. But it also lacks the alcohol that got so many of those drinks pulled from the shelves. While we’re not trying to make a statement on the efficacy of kombucha, we will tell you that Kombucha Wonder Drink claims that the key acids in kombucha (the ones that provide the supposed health benefits) are not impacted by pasteurization. On the outside, we like the product’s 8 oz. can, which, thanks to the success of energy drinks, has a naturally functional vibe to it. It’s clean and chic, with a bilingual English and French package (presumably for going into Canada). Overall, a very well-executed product.


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