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Last Updated: 7/25/2013 1:22 PM

As is often the case with similar flavors from other kombucha lines, Kombucha Mama's Lemon Ginger flavor is the most mainstream in its lineup. The product is a blend of water, sugar, green tea, black tea, lemon juice, ginger root and live kombucha culture to create a handmade raw product (refrigeration is required) that’s high quality and very palatable. The product has a moderate amount of fermented flavor to it, but the zing from the ginger and the splash of citrus from the lemon do a nice job of cutting the zest. It’s got some decent carbonation to it -- sometimes the top will bubble up when you open it. All in all, this beverage is quite well-crafted. On the outside, the company has chosen a stock brown glass soda/beer bottle with a crown top. The label that wraps around the package has a whimsical design that seems fitting of a kombucha product. However, the Kombucha Mama branding could stand out more. The current design draws the eye only to the flavor name. Overall, we like what they’ve created with this and their other flavors.


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