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Last Updated: 4/8/2013 10:41 AM

Kate Farms’ Cocoa Fudge Komplete is a vegan- and soy-free protein drink that takes a different approach that other products that we’ve seen in this category. There’s some pretty good chocolate flavor to this product, although “fudge” probably isn’t an accurate word to describe it (and one that seems at odds with the rest of the stuff in this drink). "Cocoa," on the other hand, works well as a description. The body is thick, but not gummy like dairy or soy protein drinks -- and honestly, we prefer the the slightly gritty finish of this product over the bitterness of a soy protein drink any day. Nutritionally, the product has 17g of protein in addition to a variety of other premium ingredients, including milled chia, coffee (55mg of caffeine per container), a superfoods blend of 21 ingredients, and quinoa. Packaging is again where this drink really struggles, however. While we could make suggestions for tweaking it, the design really needs an overhaul. As it stands right now, it lacks appeal and polish -- two important factors to any successful product. If they are to design it, simplification of the messaging would be helpful as well (e.g. it doesn’t need words like “Ultimate” on the front of the label). Overall, a very unique product that’s in need of some visual help.


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330ml Tetrapak

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