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Kristall is Swedish for Crystal. And because these light fruit soft drinks are all natural... the name seems only fitting. But Swedish Kristall got more than its name from Sweden. Every recipe, with their distinct flavor is an original taste from Sweden as well. And just to make sure that the same attention to quality and craftsmanship goes into each glass, I'm on hand while every recipe is made and bottled. The reward is an intriguing variety of tastes that are rare in the United States. Swedish Kristall offers Zesty Orange; a dry, icy Raspberry; a crystal Lemon / Lime Spritz; a robust Black Currant; a delicate wintry Pear Soda; delicious Apple; and refreshing Lingonberry. They're sure to appeal to the gourmet, the health conscious, and the curious alike. Discover the taste of Sweden for yourself. You'll see why the finest gourmet establishments prefer Swedish Kristall.

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