Lady Pink

by Bionic Products Intl.

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Lady Pink

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

Lady Pink® has a revitalizing berry flavor and lighter carbonation, much like a spritzer.

Bionic-Tonic® and Lady Pink® are premium, functional energy beverages made with a unique formulation of ingredients that are known to provide health and mental benefits beyond energy . In essence Bionic Products has created the energy drink alternative that supports physical and mental alertness without the crash after affect that occurs with the traditional energy drinks currently available. Our products have passed strict guidelines that include: aids in digestion, aids in weight loss, enhanced energy drink impact, great taste, improved memory and learning ability, no artificial caffeine, stimulates circulation to the brain, safe for diabetics & pregnant / nursing mothers, low sodium, sustained energy without the crash, ZERO CARBS, ZERO CALORIES, and ZERO SUGARS

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