Life Vitamin Soft Drink

Life Vitamin Soft Drink

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Last Updated: 5/18/2009 4:06 PM

Now with revised packaging and repositioned as a “vitamin soft drink” that features “Peruvian maca,” it’s time to give Life another look. First, the flavor, which, like the first version is moderately sweet and features a citrus base with a peach like finish (they claim it's mango and pomegranate, but we don't taste it). In addition to that, it has a moderate amount of vitamin taste to it, but it doesn't burn the way many competing products do. Packaging is definitely cleaner than the first time around, with the strange zipper removed from the front panel. On the other hand, calling this a “vitamin soft drink” isn’t going to change anything:— it'’s still an energy drink. In fact, it’'s likely to just create confusion. Adding “Peruvian” to help make maca sound exotic seems like an okay approach to helping bolster this otherwise unknown ingredient. Overall, the package is cleaner and the flavor is still enjoyable, but we hope to see this product billed as an “energy drink” in future production runs. Beyond that, the product just feels a bit sterile to us — and we’re not sure who will identify with this brand.


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8 oz can

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