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Last Updated: 9/9/2013 10:11 AM

Designed to be the "world's most functional fitness beverage," FitAID is a non-carbonated supplement that is packaged in a 12 ounce slim can. The product has a mellow tropical fruit flavor that has been sweetened with stevia and agave, achieving a relatively natural level of sweetness and only 45 calories per can. From there, the product has a dizzying array of functional ingredient, with the highlights including vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes, green tea extract, turmeric, quercetin, and more. So while it might be the world's most advanced functional beverage, it's definitely not one that can be examined and understood in the short amount of time that a consumer probably has when they are selecting a beverage. Furthermore, being packaged in a 12 ounce can presumably puts the product in a different area of the store than where consumers might find sports/fitness drinks. Our suggestion is that they try to make it a bit more intuitive, be it through packaging, messaging or something else. Overall, it's not a bad drink, but it's certainly one that seems like it would be easy to miss.


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