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Last Updated: 9/9/2013 10:11 AM

PartyAid is a hangover and recovery drink from the same folks that created GolferAid. Like GolferAid, PartyAid has a very specific and targets a use occasion that is, at least for most people, not an everyday occurrence. It utilizes a doctor developed blend of functional ingredients, including L-tyrosine, 5-HTP, vitamins, electrolytes, and milk thistle, which has been combined with carbonated water, agave, and flavorings. As far as the taste, it's a product that tastes like something from the energy drink category, with a subtle but nondescript fruit flavor that does an okay job of masking the functional ingredients. There's still a pretty hefty dose of vitamin flavor, but the drink is sufficiently pleasing to the palate. On the outside, the product's 12oz slim can feels very technical to the point where it almost looks more like a product that should be sold in a drugstore. While we understand the need to establish functional credibility, we think that they've taken it a bit too far. Furthermore, the naming convention of the brand, which puts "Aid" at the end of each product, is counterintuitive and fails to support the "LifeAID" name. Instead, each product feels like it's own little island, with phrases such as "At PartyAID?" making the drink feel like a single SKU rather than part of a bigger lineup. Overall, we understand (or at least we think we do) the company's approach of creating a variety of specific use occasion beverages, but the lack of anything that ties them together is a big issue.


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