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Last Updated: 10/28/2013 1:37 PM

Hailing from Maine (hence the description of “Natural Maine Spring Water”), Litl’ Squirts is a line of flavored enhanced water beverages that were designed with kids in mind. The 12 oz. bottle features an all-natural formulation that’s made with 48 percent juice, water and B vitamins. From a flavor perspective, it’s very straightforward and clean, with notes of blueberry, apple, grape and lemon. It has no added sugar -- a marketable benefit that’s left off the label -- and the company has done a nice job of striking a balance between the fruit flavors and the spring water. Aside from the dark color of the liquid (which we could live without), it feels very much like an enhanced water. Also, 90 calories seems like a reasonable portion for the target demographic. However, the packaging of the product definitely leaves something to be desired. The product’s messaging, which focuses on being wholesome and from Maine, seems lost in the design that the company has chosen. As it stands right now, the product feels very much like it’s trying to be a player in the value-priced category of sugar-sweetened kids drinks. Having a more positive looking brand would certainly help the cause. Overall, we like the concept, but the execution of the brand and packaging could definitely be better aligned with what’s inside the bottle.


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