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Last Updated: 10/28/2013 1:37 PM

If blueberry isn’t your thing, that’s okay -- Litl’ Squirts also has a raspberry flavor in addition to its two blueberry varieties. Made with 55 percent juice, which is the most juice of any of the three flavors in the Litl’ Squirts line, Raspberry Apple is definitely not short on raspberry flavor. Fortunately, you don’t taste too much of the apple or pear, which would probably have made the drink sweetener than it currently is. But as it stands right now, we really like the amount of flavor that this drink has. It’s light, but doesn’t taste watered down. That being said, the color of the liquid seems slightly out of synch with the light flavor profile. Nutritionally, the product has 90 calories, 21g of sugar and several vitamins and minerals. All in all, we wouldn’t say that this is an overly innovative or unique product, but the flavor execution is good and should have pretty broad appeal. Unfortunately, however, the packaging is a bit of a different story. For starters, it simply isn’t aesthetically appealing. Having a stock bottle and a busy-looking label doesn’t really help either, making the product appear very much like a value-oriented product. And lastly, it’s just not all that clear what the product is (aside from it being “natural,” which is mentioned three times on the front panel alone). Addressing these issues is critical if the product is going to be successful in the long run. Overall, nice taste, but the branding definitely needs work.


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