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Last Updated: 3/4/2014 4:16 PM

Live Soda’s “Revive Rootbeer” is a sugar- and stevia-sweetened blend of kombucha and root beer. The flavor is first and foremost that of a root beer, which, like the other flavors of Live Soda, should be quite familiar to anyone who tries this product. In the case of this variety, the root beer flavor is good, but does not necessarily stand out on its own. The fermented flavor of the kombucha gives the product a light funk to the nose and a slight bite at the finish. The flavors are definitely good cues to the consumer that this isn’t just an ordinary soda. Packaging is a 12 oz. long neck glass bottle, which, for a soda, is definitely a straightforward package. But unlike most sodas, this product requires refrigeration, so it’s probably likely that it will end up placed with other kombucha products at retail. The label itself is simple and clean, with a whimsical style that gives the product just a touch of personality. On the side of the bottle the company makes the callout “Brewed in Austin, Texas.” We think that moving the phrase to the front might help give the brand a little more authenticity (especially compared to mass produced sodas). Otherwise, we think that this is a pretty complete and nicely executed product that’s definitely worth a try.


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