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Last Updated: 8/25/2013 3:08 PM

Lori’s Ginger Lemonade is a blend of water, not-from-concentrate organic lemon juice, organic sugar, and organic ginger extract. It’s certainly a very nice tasting bottle of lemonade, with a tart and tangy lemon flavor that finishes with a hit of spicy ginger flavor. The formulation is also fairly sweet, with 28g of sugar per 8 oz. (or 56g per bottle). All in all, it’s certainly a nice tasting bottle of lemonade, but we’ve sampled this flavor in other beverages countless times before. Moving on to packaging and branding, this product comes in a tall and narrow 16 oz. glass bottle. While we like this bottle versus the standard 16 oz. glass bottle that many non-carbonated beverages use, the label design of this product really needs help. The top portion (which feature an image of a sailboat) feels like it was slapped on, while the green Lori’s Lemonade logo is distracting and unattractive. However, we like the image and concept of a lemon slice setting over the sea. Nevertheless, this is not a design that’s going to be successful in any meaningful way -- hopefully the company will redesign it as soon as possible. We’re not saying that to be mean, but instead to point out something that needs to be addressed by the marketer to achieve success. Overall, a nice bottle of lemonade, but the packaging is the biggest roadblock.


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