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Last Updated: 8/25/2013 3:08 PM

Of the two flavors of Lori’s Lemonade that we sampled, this was definitely the more original and memorable of the two. Speaking purely from a marketability perspective, we’d probably favor the ginger variety, but the execution of this one is spot on. It pairs organic not-from-concentrate lemon juice with water, sugar and lavender, which makes for something that’s more sophisticated and complex than a regular bottle of lemonade. Fortunately, the company used restraint with the lavender flavor, with the ingredient imparting just the right amount of herbal flavor and not getting in the way of the base lemonade flavor. If there’s anything we’d change with the formulation, it’s the level of sweetness, which is just a bit too much for our liking. Plus, being at 240 calories and 56g of sugar per 16 oz. bottle seems less than ideal. On the outside, we like their choice of a tall and slender 16 oz. glass bottle. However, like the Ginger Lemonade variety, the label design definitely needs work. It’s busy and has a messy feeling to it, which is compounded by an unattractive and hard to read logo. Overall, we like where the company is going with this flavor and with some packaging help we think it could be a good one.


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