Cherry and Berry Beet Juice

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Cherry and Berry Beet Juice

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Last Updated: 2/23/2013 1:23 PM

If you like beets, but don’t want to go for the hardcore formulation that is Love Beets’ flagship product, then this product is a nice alternative. It’s still a 100% juice product, but it’s made with a blend of 50% beet juice, 34% apple juice, 10% cherry puree, 5% black currant juice, and 1% lemon juice (along with added ascorbic acid). Despite being a pasteurized product and containing ascorbic acid, the bottle claims that the product needs refrigeration, which is somewhat surprising. As far as the flavor goes, the added fruit juices do a nice job of toning down the flavor of the beets. However, the product still has an extremely potent beet flavor, so be warned. Visually, the product has a cute looking 8.5 ounce PET bottle that looks like a miniature sports drink or enhanced water bottle. While it would certainly look nicer if it had a custom bottle, we think that they’ve done a nice job of designing a product that feels nutritious and appealing. However, we have a hard time believing that demand for a product like this is very big as it isn’t a drink that we could imagine consuming on a regular basis. And larger brands, such as Bolthouse Farms that is retailed right next to this product, offer variety and can build loyalty that this brand simply can’t. Overall, a nicely executed product, but we wonder if their focus is too narrow.


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