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Super Tasty Beet Juice

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Last Updated: 3/12/2013 4:37 PM

Love Beets’ Beet Juice is a 100% juice beverage that is made from 99% beet juice and 1% lemon juice and produced in the United Kingdom. If you like beets, then this product certainly delivers a potent punch of beet flavor, with a slight touch of lemon to the finish. And that’s pretty much it -- just the natural flavor of beets. Slightly sweet, with a mellow vegetable flavor and a dark purple color that will stain pretty much anything it touches. From a branding and positioning standpoint, the product is clear and easy to understand, which is certainly a positive. The “Love” part of the brand is playful and personable, adding a touch of fun to the product. An 8.5 ounce PET bottle is certainly sufficient as we could not imagine many people wanting a larger serving of something so potent. Perhaps the only thing to note is that the product requires refrigeration, which is slightly strange given that it’s a hot fill pasteurized product. Regardless, we think that this is a nice little product, albeit one that is certainly going after a somewhat focused niche of beet lovers.


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8.5oz Plastic

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