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Last Updated: 4/1/2014 11:00 AM

In addition to the Peach Passion flavor, there are three berry-flavored varieties, including Forest Berry, Elderberry Ginger and Strawberry Mint. While each of these has merits in its own right, the flavor profile of the three are all relatively close. For whatever reason, we found this one, Elderberry Ginger, to be the most enjoyable of the three. It might be due in part to the way that the ginger pairs with the birch sap, which enhances both flavors and makes them work in unison pretty nicely. Unlike the other flavors, the birch feels much more like a part of the flavor rather than something that’s working in parallel to the fruit flavor. Like the other flavors, this variety has 2 percent juice (lemon, ginger), contains 60 calories per bottle, and is enhanced with chaga mushroom. Visually, the product’s bright pink and red color palette definitely doesn’t say “birch sap” to us, outside of the green leaf that’s behind the logo text. That said, we wonder if the color of the product and the main color on the label could be a bit more muted. Otherwise, the biggest challenge for this product is going to be convincing consumers that they want something birch-flavored (that isn’t birch beer). Overall, this is a nice start and we hope that the product continues to evolve.


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