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Last Updated: 2/4/2014 12:06 PM

Green Protein is a cold-pressed and high pressure processed (HPP) smoothie. It’s made with a wide variety of ingredients, including banana, flax seed, kale, dates, spirulina, hemp seed, chia seed, coconut oil, lemon, Himalayan sea salt, lecithin (listed on the back, but not the front) and wheatgrass powder. In terms of flavor, it’s not at all what we expected from a product called “Green Protein.” The primary flavors of the product are banana, lemon, dates and salt, which make for a flavor that seems more like what you’d get from a yogurt product than a beverage. There’s a sharp tartness to the product that comes from the marriage of these ingredients, which is followed by some sweetness, some saltiness and a slight earthy finish. As for the consistency of the product, the viscous liquid has some slight chew to it, but is gummy in its finish. This is presumably the result of the added lecithin, which, we might add, is the only ingredient that’s not listed on the front of the bottle. Visually, it definitely looks the part of the ultra-premium juice category, with a square 16 oz. bottle that has a minimalist look to it. In the case of this product, which isn’t uniform in its color or consistency, the white logo and clear background are particularly hard to read. We’d love to see the brand -- and the graphics -- have a little more pop than they currently do. Overall, a nice product, but the execution needs a little bit of improvement.


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