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Last Updated: 2/4/2014 12:06 PM

Love Grace’s Green Sunshine is a blend of chard, kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, apple and lemon. The beverage, which has almost no sweetness in the mix, has a flavor that very much alternates between the bold taste of the greens and a sharp hit of lemon. It’s only after drinking about half way through the bottle that you can start to taste the apple, but even then it’s a very tertiary flavor. All in all, Love Grace’s Green Sunshine is an enjoyable tasting green juice. Visually, the product looks very much like a bottle of green juice -- it would certainly be hard to mistake it for anything else. The real challenge for this product is differentiating itself from the flood of similar products making their way to the market. Fortunately, we like the branding, which feels cutesy, but also memorable and functional. The front panel is nicely organized and easy to read, which is always a plus. However, the product doesn’t really pop out at you the way some of the other brands do. Giving the label a background (or at least a background on the logo) might be one thing to consider. Overall, an enjoyable product and one that we’d definitely come back to again.


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16oz Plastic

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