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Last Updated: 2/4/2014 12:06 PM

Of the pure juice varieties of Love Grace that we sampled, Purify was definitely the most unique and enjoyable. Like the other varieties, it’s a high pressure processed blend of coconut water, celery, chard, spinach and cucumber. Despite the liquid being rather dark green in color, the flavor of the product is quite heavy on the coconut water. This makes the product approachable and very thirst-quenching. From there, the swiss chard, spinach, and cucumber provide the secondary flavor. The finish is the only place where you can taste the celery -- and it’s a very faint flavor at that. To that end, the company's approach of listing the ingredients on the front (which is out of order in this case and incomplete on other flavors) is somewhat frustrating because it gives you an inaccurate sense of what’s in the bottle. Fixing, or eliminating, this would certainly be a good idea. Beyond that, the product has a light and playful vibe to it, which seems in line with other brands in the ultra-premium juice category. However, in using a stock bottle and looking so similar to other juice brands, we can’t help but feel as though the product has a slightly commoditized feeling to it. Nevertheless, we really like what’s inside, and this is definitely one of the better flavors in the lineup.


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