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Last Updated: 2/4/2014 12:06 PM

Love Grace’s “Super Cider” is a blend of apple, carrot, lemon, and ginger. While this product isn’t really cider like in the traditional sense (beyond it’s use of apples), the product is quite tasty. There’s a hefty amount of ginger and carrot to it, while the apples add some sweetness to the drink. The lemon hits your palate at the end, which gives it a sharp finish and help cut the spice a bit. All in all, we definitely enjoyed this product, and it’s certainly on par with competing lines that have similar varieties. From a design and packaging perspective, the product looks simple and clean, with branding that exudes a positive vibe. We like the Love Grace name and how the company has approached the logo, but making the label pop a bit more would definitely help. Overall, a solid SKU from Love Grace.


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Juice: Fruit Juice


16oz Plastic

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