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Last Updated: 12/2/2013 8:09 AM

Lumi’s Piedmont Pineapple juice is a 100 percent organic blend of cold-pressed pineapple, cucumber, Granny Smith apples and collard greens. The flavor of the product is very smooth and light, with the pineapple and apple providing a mellow sweetness to the product. The cucumber and collard greens give the product a light vegetable flavor, but it's definitely not too strong. What we really like about this product flavor is that it seems to have just the right amount of sweet and savory flavors. It's also very refreshing. The only obvious room for improvement for the product is a technical one: there were pieces of pulp in some of the product samples. As for the branding and positioning of the product, it is, like many start-up juice companies, trying to play the “locally crafted” angle (in this case Charlottesville, Va.). From an aesthetic point of view, it's a striking package design and one that feels more appealing and approachable than much of its competition. However, we would like to see more prominent placement of the fact that it is a 100 percent organic product (an important differentiator in the cold-pressed juice category). Overall, Piedmont Pineapple is a very enjoyable and well-executed product, and it's one that we would bet is amongst the better sellers of the Lumi brand.


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16oz plastic

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