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Last Updated: 2/1/2010 12:07 PM

This was our favorite flavor of the bunch, with a well executed cranberry limeade flavor that’s both enjoyable and marketable. The tart flavor of the cranberries pairs nicely with the acidity of lime, making for something that’s balanced and smooth. There’s a slight note of green tea in the drink, which, in our opinion, would be better if it were stronger. In its current form, it’s not easily identifiable as green tea, making it have a slightly off flavor to the finish. Our only other concern for this product is its sweetness level, which we think is simply too strong. Packaging is, like the rest of the Made line, a 16 oz. PET1 bottle with a sleeve wrap label. Their design is appealing to the eye, but the emphasis goes to the wrong places at times, making it easy for your eye to miss the fact that the product contains green tea. That’s a pretty critical differentiator for this product that’s potentially lost, leaving the drink selling itself solely as a USDA Organic juice drink. Overall, a good effort that could be made even better with a few changes.


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16 oz PET

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