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Last Updated: 9/29/2008 9:07 AM

In terms of taste, this was our favorite flavor of the lineup. Still, it's not really anything that stands out -- just regular old black tea with a dash of sweetness and something that resembles lemon flavor. Otherwise, we're not really sure what this product is trying to be. Is it functional? Is it a tea? Right now, its mix of both of these things and is a bit confusing, mainly because it's not overly good at either one. We'd suggest a stronger tea flavor, dropping the HFCS in favor of sugar, and punching up the label design (horizontal text would be a great starting point).


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Product Type

Tea: Sweetened


16 fl oz (500 ml) PET

Nutritional Info

"Calories 70g, Total Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 0mg, Total Carbohydrates 16g, Sugars 16g, Protein 0g"


"Water, Natural Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Black Tea Extract, Natural Flavors, Organic Kava Root Powder, Vitamin C, Magnesium Oxide, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Sodium citrate, Tartaric Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Magnesium Carbonate, Vitamin B12"

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