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Of the initial four Mamma Chia flavors, Blackberry Hibiscus was our favorite (Raspberry Passion, which tastes very similar, is a close second). Utilizing a base of hydrated chia seeds, the product has a very viscous and slightly chunky body, which is probably best compared to gelatin (which is not an ingredient in the drink – this stuff is vegan). The chia seeds don’t impart much flavor, with your mouth instead focusing on the slight chew that comes from them. The added blackberry and hibiscus flavors are very mild, but complement the overall feel of this chia based formulation. There’s a touch of agave (9g of sugar), but it’s in no way a sweet tasting product. All in all, it’s an enjoyable tasting drink that definitely feels like something that’s good for you. And good for you it is, with 2000mg of omega 3, 10g of fiber, and 4g of protein as well as calcium, antioxidants, and iron. Packaging is perfect for what this drink is, with peaceful-looking branding and a slim 10 oz. glass bottle. Even the name, Mamma Chia, is easy to understand and goes nicely with what’s inside the bottle. Overall, chia based drinks are obviously very new, but Mamma Chia has definitely put their best foot forward with this product.


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