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The first variety of Mamma Chia that we sampled was Cherry Lime. The flavor of this product is unique, starting with the fact that it contains a high amount of hydrated chia seeds, which provide the drink’s base. This results in something that has an almost gelatinous body, but with a much more natural feeling to it. The cherry lime flavor is extremely subtle, providing mostly a note at the finish. That seems like the right approach – any more flavoring and we think the drink would probably taste like Jello. Nutritionally, this product is loaded with 2000mg omega-3, 10g of fiber, 4g of protein, 33mg of calcium, and antioxidants. Packaging is a slender 10 oz. glass bottle, which, when factoring in the label, has a very feminine feel. A cool attribute of the drink is the actual liquid, which, thanks to the hydrated chia seeds, has a very unique appearance with seeds suspended consistently throughout. So, there’s definitely no question that it contains loads of chia seeds, and the appearance is of a premium product. Overall, we really like this flavor of Mamma Chia, the flavor and concept are very well executed, while the packaging and positioning seem spot on with the suspected target consumer.


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